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Sevenoaks Wines
Sevenoaks Wines is a boutique wine distribution company in Singapore whose focus is on providing premium quality wines. Sevenoaks Wines vineyard is located in the Hunter Valley where by parcels of distinctive, high quality wines from small vine plantings can be intensively cared for.
With the wine industry going “global” many large wine producers are producing greater and greater volumes of varietal and regional blends that are increasingly homogeneous and un-differentiated in taste. Our approach is to manage each area within the vineyard according to individual need and to produce sympathetic, distinctive wines styles in small parcels and in so doing offer our clients different, interesting and enjoyable experiences.
The first of our wines, our 2000 Rows 1 to 26 Shiraz, was released in Singapore in November 2002. In Australia, it has won 5 show medals to date in addition to receiving favourable reviews from acclaimed wine critic James Halliday. For further details please visit the wine page.
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About Sevenoaks Wines
• Established in Singapore, Sept 2002
• Focus on Corporate clients
• Sevenoaks 2000 Shiraz won five medals to date
• Creative alliances to expand business opportunities - Art Seasons, Gardenasia, Winemaker John Hordern & Artist Sun Yu-li.
• Advisor - John Chua.
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Sevenoaks first wine.....
2000 "Rows 1 to 26" Shiraz
This wine was made from a small parcel of intensively cared for, hand pruned and hand picked shiraz grapes that were picked in two tranches to ensure the entire selection was harvested at optimum ripeness.
Handled in the Burgundian style this wine exhibits intense, youthful plumb colours and nose redolent of blueberries, game, licorice and tobacco. The palate is well balanced, having soft mouth entry, rich fruit weight with integrated tannin and acidity, which together provide exceptional length of flavour and the promise that further aging will result in a truly exciting wine. Best enjoyed in 2004. Alcohol 13.2%.
Medals won:
Bronze, class 28, Hunter Valley Wine Show, August 2001
Bronze, class 16, NSW Small Winemakers Show, September 2001
Bronze, class 25, Australian Small Winemakers Show, November 2002
Bronze, class 39, Hunter Valley Wine Show, August 2003
Silver, class Shiraz, Hunter Valley Boutique Winemakers Show, October 2001
Silver, class 38, Hunter Valley Wine Show, August 2002
Acclaimed wine critic James Halliday has given our Rows 1 - 26 Shiraz 2000 a favourable review in October 2001. He said "the outcome has been a success" and "the palate has an interesting texture and structure, possessing finesse as well as lots of fruit and soft oak flavour."
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The Story of Sevenoaks Wines.
Rows 1 to 26 Shiraz
From our first vintage the 2000 to our fourth vintage the 2003, mother nature was on our side, until year 2004...
The harvest for 2004 was not ideal, the grape was not good enough for our Rows 1 to 26. We took the difficult decision to sell off the grapes leaving us with no bottling for 2004 vintage.
It was also during 2004, our corporate wine business begin to take off in Singapore and Malaysia and the entire 2003 vintage was sold out to just a handful of corporate clients.
This prompted us to bottle the remaining 2002 vintage into 187ml bottles instead of the standard 750ml bottle, thereby giving us 4 times more bottles to sell and that help see us through to the bottling of the 2005 vintage.
Meanwhile we begin to explore the idea of blending wine to cater to specific taste requirement, for corporate or local taste preference. Hence, in 2007 the Sevenoaks, Hunter Series was created.."
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Sevenoaks Hunter Cabernet 2006
This Cabernet Sauvignon was sourced from the Lower Hunter Valley by John Hordern, a well-known wine-maker from the Hunter Valley wine region. From the onset, John Hordern’s task is to source for quality grapes without which, is not possible to make good wine.
In my selection of the red wine varieties presented by John Hordern, I selected the 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon. I was impressed with quality of the wine – a classic nose of cassis and black cherries. I have added a small portion of Shiraz to provide a little stuffing to the Cabernet as well as giving the wine a little more dimension in flavours.
Again, this red wine is created for the Asian palate as well as to complement Asian food. This wine has the fresh aroma of black/red fruits with a hint of sweet spices, rounded intense flavours in mid-palate and ripe tannin to support the finishing.
This red wine is ideal for Asean cuisine, be it meats stewed in black soya sauce or light spicy sauce, roast duck and peppered crab.
John Chua
Wine Consultant
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Sevenoaks Hunter Chardonnay 2006.
This premium Chardonnay was sourced from the Lower Hunter Valley by John Hordern, a well-known wine-maker from the Hunter Valley wine region. From the onset, John Hordern’s task is to source for quality grapes without which, is not possible to make good wine.
After the vinification and settling the wine in stainless tanks in early autumn, John and I tasted the wine. With John’s input on the wine’s characteristics, my focus as an Asian, is to create a white wine that is crispy with subtle fresh fruits characteristics as well as having the ability to complement Asian food. In my evaluation of the Chardonnay, I have added a small portion of Verdelo to the blend. The idea is to give the wine the added texture in flavours. The result is a white wine with subtle peach, guava and a hint of floral notes, refreshing midpalate and a savoury finishing of soft ripe fruit acids.
This white wine would be complementary to fresh seafood, deep-fried fish in light soya sauce, soya sauce chicken, hokkien mee and cold cuts. Besides, it is just as pleasurable on its own while snacking on a packet of menglembu peanuts while watching your favourite TV show.
John Chua
Wine Consultant
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A Conversation between Art and Wine
In a space of 2 days during August 2004, Artist Sun Yu-li together with Sevenoaks Wines and Gardenasia, laid the foundation for Artwine.
In November 2005, we held our first ever Artwine Festival.
Over the next 3 years Artwine incorporated the 5 senses: Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Sound. Into a harmonious package incorporating works from local creative talents.
In February 2008, Artwine created a special edition for Chingay 2008.
In September 2008, Artwine created an exclusive package to SIA Kris Shop.
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Your very own quality Wine!
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• All happy occasions & celebrations
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Sevenoaks Wines
Ordering Sevenoaks Wines
• LABEL : 80MM X 100MM.
Wine Appreciation (Exclude Venue)
Menu A : Exclude Wine $500
Menu B : 2 Red, 2 White $750
Menu C : 2 Red, 2 White, 2 Specialty - $1,000
Max 20 people per session
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